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Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

We will exhbit at KBIS show Las Vegas, February 4-6

Booth No. N2957

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Welcome to the Shanghai Aershin Kitchen cabinet factory, china.  We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of cabinets for the Kitchen and Bath Industry. Established in 1992, our factory has years of experience in producing cabinets for the North American market.

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Customer Support

We have customer support team both in the U.S. and in Shanghai.  We value our communication with customers and because we are maintaining extremely personalized relation ship with our cusomters, we can improve our quality and avoid mistake in advance.  From our experience, we know that most of mistake are caused by lack of communication with customers.  

Various reports, such as weekly produciotn report, inspection report are always available upon request.  

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We work with solid woods, thermafoils, particleboard and MDF materials. Currently we have two manufacturing facilities. On average our monthly production is 60 containers per month.  Styles of cabinets are widely available based on requests from customers.  

Kitchen cabinets styles

Why Shanghai Aershin KItchen cabinet factory China?

Quality, reliability, and honesty are our heart of operation.  If there is a defect or something goes wrong, we will take action immediately.  And we are flexible enough to meet customer needs on time.  For example, when project order customer needs more quantity than originally ordered, we will squeeze those into current order, or even we will respond to airship certain sku.

We know our customers are in more and more volatile and uncertain market.  That is why we work closely with customers on key issues and sharing produciton knowledge each other, that give both of us a leg up the competition.  


Factory location

Address: 299 Gongyue Road Shanghai 201901, China

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